Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Review of Your Quantum Breakthrough Code

 In Your Quantum Breakthrough Code, the author, Sarah Anne Taylor, shares her method for bringing about profound changes in your life. Taylor shows how, by using a very simple form of energy medicine, or energy healing, for just a few minutes per day, we can begin to bring about positive change.

Through what Taylor calls “decoding” and “coding”, we can get rid of old habits and patterns of thought and emotion, and establish new ones. We can begin this process now, TODAY, in this very moment.

This is basic Law of Attraction (LOA) material, but what makes this book stand out is its practical approach.

Before we can begin to attract the things we want – more money, better relationships, better career prospects, etc. - we first need to start to remove the old mental and emotional habits and patterns that are blocking us.   I explore this more in my ebook Achieving Success.

Taylor's method is very simple and straightforward, although it involves a commitment to getting real. You need to be real about your problems, challenges and the things you want to change. You may have been processing difficult material for a long time before you come to this book. That can mean you may experience some resistance.

You can change any habit or pattern of thought, which means you can begin to change your results, starting NOW.

She also goes into some of the theory behind her work, including what she calls the Seven Breakthrough Forces.

My one, very slight, quibble with this book is Taylor's emphasis on happiness and optimism. Maybe we all need a little bit more of both. However, I think confidence is more important in order to bring about positive change. Confidence in your ability to make changes in yourself and your life. Confidence is vital in order to form a more positive, optimistic view of our future.

Use the coding and decoding method described in this book and you can soon start to feel very confident and in control of your future.

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I recommend this book very highly. For more books I recommend, see:

What is your experience of working with your patterns of thought, feeling and emotion, the Law of Attraction or energy medicine? Please leave your answers below.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Books to Help You Prosper

Acheving Success
Do you want to have more money in the new year?   Better finances?  Better career prospects? If so, what is stopping you?   What is getting in your way?

I can offer you highly effective methods to help you achieve your goals and experience greater prosperity in the coming year – through working just a few minutes every day. Starting NOW. 

Are you willing to learn methods that can help you to make major positive changes in your life? If so, download my ebook Achieving Success now. PLUS I have reviewed these books which can help you:

Feel Free to Prosper   Buy it in the U.S.A.   Buy it in the UK 

Go here to read my review

I shall be posting my reviews of these titles soon:  

Your Quantum Breakthrough Code   Buy it in the U.S.A.   Buy it in the UK 

Quantum Success  Buy it in the U.S.A.   Buy it in the UK 

I highly recommend these titles.  But in the end, it's about taking responsibility.  You are responsible for your own success.  So it's up to you!  

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Here's to your success!  

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Have More Money in the New Year

Do you want to have more money in 2019? A higher income? Better career prospects? 

I can help you make major positive changes in your life. The time to start is now, today. You can start to change your results now, in this very moment. Take action for just a few minutes every day and you can start to improve your results in any area of your life.

To get started, click here to download my FREE ebook, Achieving Success.  It contains my 3-Step Success Formula. 
Here's to your success in 2019!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want

Switchwords is one of the best, most practical books I have come across in recent years. I am very excited about this book. 

See below for lots of useful links.   

Switchwords, very simply, are words we can use to switch our experience to a different, and better one. They work in accordance with the Law of Attraction, which, as this book explains, means that it's not the meanings of the words that bring results, but their sound and vibration.

For additional in-depth exploration of the Law of Attraction, check out Feel Free to Prosper by Marilyn Jennett. Go here for my review

See below for more useful links. 

When I first came across switchwords, I found the word “REACH”, which can help with finding lost objects. I tend to lose a lot of objects, so I thought I would try it. I said “REACH” ten times, three times a day, and my lost objects started turning up. Not necessarily the ones I was looking for, but other things as well, some of which I had been looking for for ages. So obviously, this was working on some level. I decided to explore more.

Switchwords author Liz Dean gives a lot of background information on research that has been done on this subject over the course of many years. She also lists loads of switch words, along with switch pairs and switch phrases. Universal switch words have been found to work 95-100% of the time. Open switchwords work 50-94% of the time, and then there are experimental switch words, for which the jury is still out.

There are switchwords to find a partner or relationship, attract money – and to manifest whatever you want. As I do a lot of work with angels, I use the switch phrase to help bring in angel energy, ANGEL-LIGHT-DIVINE-SHINE. There are also switch words to increase your intuition, overcome resistance and much more. If you run a business, switch words can help you with your marketing efforts.

Switchwords also contains a switch words dictionary. One thing I particularly like about this book is Dean's emphasis on trusting your intuition. Even before you start to see the results you want, your intuition will tell you if you are making progress. The book explains this in detail. You can come up with your own switch words, phrases and combinations.

I strongly recommend you buy Switchwords and start applying it today – it could change your life.

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I am brilliant at manifesting (attracting what I want). I have just manifested: 
   ●  a brand new cooker (stove); 
   ●  a brand new fridge freezer; and 
   ●  a brand washing machine.

And I have achieved similar things many times before.

For more information on how to manifest successfully, check out my ebook Secrets of Manifestation.

The most practical book I have found about working with angels is Angel Astrology 101.


Sunday, 4 June 2017

NVC - It's about Prevention

One thing I am clear about - NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is largely about PREVENTION.  

Heard about the attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market last night and again this morning. 

So sad to think that these kinds of incidents are preventable. 

The London Bridge/Borough Market area is not a million miles away from where I live.  In fact, it's just down the road from where I used to live. 

Since I heard the report last night, and switched on the news again this morning, I've been crying and crying, as I did when I heard about the Manchester attacks.  I'm not frightened for my own personal safety.  I am upset because London is disintegrating, this society is disintegrating.  

Have we forgotten how to talk to each other, and listen to each other?  Are we going to start to see more and more of the religious violence that has been experienced in other parts of the world?  

I don't understand why these people are committing these atrocities, why they lash out at  members of the public in these ways.  I don't understand what they want or why they are choosing to behave in this way.  This is very confusing.  I am confused.   

I only know that we need to TALK to each other and LISTEN to each other, honouring each other's feelings and needs. To repeat:  it's about PREVENTION.  

Go here for my interview with Imam Arif Khan, where he states that Islam requires peace and nonviolence.  

Go here for my interview with Ike Lasater, author of From Conflict to Connection.  Ike has worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.S.A.  

Go here for more blog posts from the Blogging Carnival for Nonviolence

It's up to us to restore and maintain peace.  It's our responsibility as members of this society - and all societies. 

Go here for books about nonviolence and NVC.  

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Review of Feel Free to Prosper

I did Marilyn Jennett's “Feel Free to Prosper” programme a few years ago. The programme aims to help you receive unexpected income within two weeks and, certainly in my experience, it worked.

The book gives a very full, clear and detailed explanation of the Law of Attraction, how it works and how we can apply it to improve our experience of money and finances. This is the theoretical basis of the “Feel Free to Prosper” programme.

For more about the Law of Attraction and its practical applications, see my blog post How to Use Affirmations to Build Your Business, and download my ebook Secrets of Manifestation.

If you are new to the LOA or if you have been using it for years, you can probably learn something from Feel Free to Prosper, and/or gain inspiration from it.

One thing I particularly enjoyed about the book was what Jennett calls the Law of Satisfaction, which she says is more powerful than the LOA. I taught this method to my students for many years, although I didn't call it the Law of Satisfaction – perhaps something like the Law of Appreciation works better for me.

Simply put, the Law of Satisfaction (or Appreciation) means that when we focus on what we have already attracted, or manifested, this makes us more able to attract what we want. This is because we become more aware of our ability to manifest. This is powerful stuff.

PLUS – the book contains the first bit of the “Feel Free to Prosper” programme.

I recommend Feel Free to Prosper. Please also share this book with your networks, especially anyone you know who needs to improve their finances. 

What is your experience of using the Law of Attraction? Please leave your answers below. 


Monday, 8 May 2017

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Have you ever decided to get started with a new exercise regime, or try yoga or meditation, for example, and then given up soon after? Have you decided to lose weight, or to finish your novel, and then given up soon after – am I the only one who has experienced this? I don't think so.

In order to bring about positive change, we need to have the different parts of ourselves working together in harmony with each other.

Check out my free audio: How to Get the Results You Want.  

Here's to your success!  


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Child Sexual Abuse - Protecting Our Children

Samuel P. Holloway III
It's very unusual for a Black man to talk openly about the abuse he experienced as a child, let alone write three books about it - but that is what Samuel P. Holloway III has done.

My ebook Affirmations for Parents now contains my new interview with Samuel P. Holloway III, author of Eyes without a Face and How It All Happened:  The Raw Truth.   

Samuel is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse which began when he was just eight years old, and went on for many years.  

In Affirmations for Parents, Samuel gives suggestions on how to prevent child sexual abuse, what signs of abuse parents can look for, and what to do to protect our children.  

To read my interview with Samuel, click here to download Affirmations for Parents now.  

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