Monday, 29 April 2013

Six Reasons Why the LOA Is Not Working for You

I just listened to a great audio on 21 Days to Manifesting Mastery in the current Manifest Everything Now series.  

Dr. Simeon Rodgers talked about: 
  • how to use the LOA to dramatically change the results of your life.
  • the six factors that have sabotaged your manifesting so far and how to overcome each of them.
  • a process to give you ironclad faith in the LOA.
He said he can help you to turn into an expert manifestor even if you have failed before. 
According to Dr. Rodgers, the reason why people have trouble manifesting is that they have been given the wrong information. It's amazing what can happen when you have the right information. 

Some of what he is saying is similar to work we do with EFT around financial issues and financial abundance.  When we feel anxious and stressed about money, bills, business problems, etc., it is much harder to attract what we want.  

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tapping to Clear the Chakras

Further to yesterday's post about chakra healing, I have found this video about using the EFT tapping points to clear the chakras.  

Working with the chakras can be a powerful way of healing the body and manifesting what we want in life.  

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Unblock Your Weak Chakras to Start Living a Life of Abundance and Energy

I listened to this audio recently on Manifest Everything Now.  It was brilliant.  Carol Tuttle was talking about the chakras – the body's energy centers – and what they each represent. 

The false programming is that “I have to give up my identity to help the tribe survive”. Many people have felt that we have to make a choice between doing what is best for oneself as an individual or doing what is best for the group – the society, family, community, etc.

Actually, the opposite is true. We each have our own unique creative gifts. The survival of the collective does not depend on our suppressing our individual uniqueness – on the contrary, in order for the collective to survive and thrive, we each need to express our individual, unique gifts and allow them to flourish. This will benefit everyone.

I really loved hearing this. I already knew this was true, but this was the reassurance I needed. 

A lot of the information on chakras is very esoteric. Carol Tuttle's system is very practical. The purpose of this information is to help you make practical, positive changes in your life.  Working with the energy of money can help you to improve your finances.  But this is about making changes in any are of your life in which you need to see changes happen.  

A lot of what she says about changing the script reminds me of the Millionaire Mind Intensive,  

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