Monday, 23 November 2009

Interview with a Millionaire-Maker

Using imagination, i.e visualizing, is one of the most effective methods of bringing about change in our lives. You may have watched "The Secret", in which people talk about using visualization to achieve success. So why do so many people struggle with visualizing?

Bestselling author Ron G. Holland has helped many people become millionaires. I interviewed him along with Lisa See, author of On Gold Mountain, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Shanghai Girls, about how they have used visualization in their lives and work, to achieve fabulous success. To read more, see Why Visualization Doesn't Work.

Children with cancer have used visualization successfully to reduce and remove tumours. For this and lots more useful information, click here to download The Key to Everything.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Paradigm Shift - How to Make a Quantum Leap

In this article, Ron G. Holland, bestselling author of Talk and Grow Rich and The Eureka Enigma, talks about how he came out of his comfort zone and found himself in the money. To read more, see The Paradigm Shift - How to Make a Quantum Leap.