Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Child Sexual Abuse - Protecting Our Children

Samuel P. Holloway III
It's very unusual for a Black man to talk openly about the abuse he experienced as a child, let alone write three books about it - but that is what Samuel P. Holloway III has done.

My ebook Affirmations for Parents now contains my new interview with Samuel P. Holloway III, author of Eyes without a Face and How It All Happened:  The Raw Truth.   

Samuel is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse which began when he was just eight years old, and went on for many years.  

In Affirmations for Parents, Samuel gives suggestions on how to prevent child sexual abuse, what signs of abuse parents can look for, and what to do to protect our children.  

To read my interview with Samuel, click here to download Affirmations for Parents now.  

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