Monday, 30 September 2019

Do this & BE a Manifesting MACHINE!

I am already great at manifesting, and if you contact me here, I will help you to become great at it, too.  

I am really enjoying Joseph Alai's videos, and I am learning so much from him!  One thing I like about his work is that he uses systematic, laser-targeted methods. 

It's all about practice.  Practice, practice, practice. If you don't practice manifesting every day, you "loosen your manifesting muscle".  You will find yourself back at square one.  Your mind and your experience will become saturated with doubt and you will forget you can manifest things. 

Bottom line:  you can have what you want.  

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Here's to your success!  
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Monday, 9 September 2019

Two Universal Laws That Will IMPROVE Your Law of Attraction Efforts


I have really been enjoying the videos from this sista.  Check it out:  

The Law of Action - actually, if you are at the right vibrational level, you don't need to do anything else.  You can, and will, receive what you want.  Marilyn Jennett, the author of Feel Free to Prosper, states that sometimes, we have to just sit back and relax.  Sometimes, that is the most appropriate thing to do.  

The work and effort go into raising your vibration to the appropriate vibrational level.  

The Law of Expectation:  our toxic thoughts and beliefs can, and will, sabotage our efforts. That's why we need to deal with and eliminate them. 

You can use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to make profound changes in your life.  For more about this, download my FREE (for now) ebook, Secrets of Manifestation.  Once you have read it, contact me if you want some help on your manifestation journey. 

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Here to your success!  

Monday, 2 September 2019

How to Manifest $1 Million

I love Jake Ducey's enthusiasm.  His energy is infectious.  

In this video, he  shares the 55 x 5 method and how he used it to attract financial success.  You may have to do something that you feel silly doing.  So what?  If it leads to you becoming rich, becoming successful, achieving your goals and transforming your life, what difference does it make that you feel silly?  

If you feel silly - get over it!!!

Bottom line:  You CAN have what you want.  You can attract what you want.  And I WILL HELP YOU. 

See also:  Jake Ducey on How to Manifest $1 Million, in which he shares a very powerful method of visualization to achieve financial success. 

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Here's to your success!