Monday, 4 November 2013

Orin's Worldwide Abundance Meditation

If you have been reading my articles and blogs, you will know that I have used and recommended the work of Orin and DaBen for many years.

They have recently posted new guided meditations, including this one for abundance. Click here to download it now.  

This audio helps us to open up to receive new ideas, creativity, and energies of abundance.  

We can use the energies of the universe to eliminate blocks and obstacles, and bring us new inspiration which we can share with anyone on the planet who is ready for it.

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Here's to your success!

How Violence Becomes Attractive

Nonviolent Communication
I recently viewed this video of Marshall Rosenberg talking about making requests. Click here to watch it now.  

I find requests to be the hardest part of Nonviolent Commuication (NVC), and I really appreciate Marshall's clarity.

NVC teaches us that we can transform situations – including violent situations – by using language. The way we communicate can be transformative.

Marshall makes the point that we often make requests in terms of what we don't want, rather than what we want. He gives the example of trying to stop children from breaking windows. “How can we stop children from breaking windows? Kill them. Research has shown that dead children break no windows”.

Of course this is an extreme example, but there are loads of real-life examples to rival this.

When we think in terms of how to stop someone from doing something, violence becomes attractive.  

Why do we want someone to do what we want - because of fear of violence, intimidation or punishment?  Or because they want to, to meet their own needs as well as ours?  What are our motives?   

To read more about NVC, see: Transform Your Life with Nonviolent Communication

Monday, 29 July 2013

Are You Open to Receive?

In order to experience financial abundance, and abundance in every area of our lives, we need to open to receive.  

There are many people in this world who need to learn to give.  I would argue there are many millions who need to learn to receive.  

If you are not achieving the results you want, this means you are blocking yourself.  Somewhere, you have a block to receiving, be it physical, emotional or psychological.  

Three of the things that can block us from receiving include:  
  • anger at old incidents that wounded and scarred you
  • deeply buried anger, resentment, hatred and pain 
  • the desire to blame yourself or others 
There are many more. 

To read more about this, and to find out what you can do to improve your results, click here to download my free ebook, "Achieving Success", which contains the 3-Step Success Formula.  

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You can open to receive the abundance of the universe.  Here's to your success!  

Monday, 15 July 2013

Orin: Aligning with Star Energies

Orin Aligning with Star Energies
Aligning with Star Energies is a beautiful audio meditation from Orin which you can download for free - see below for details.  

I have listened to this audio many times and it is just so relaxing and inspiring.     I am delighted to be able to share this with you.  

Simply thinking of these energies begins to open the channel to these wonderful, positive, loving sources of light and transformation.

You can bring the energies of the stars into your body to heal and rejuvenate all of your cells. 

You can use star energies to transform any area of your life  - money, finances, work, career, relationships or health. 

Click here to read about Orin and DaBen and download free audios.  (See the Resources section.) 

Plus click here for my newly updated free ebook, "Achieving Success".  

Monday, 3 June 2013

Train Your Mind to Bring You Wealth

I’ve been using the Money Jars for just over a year, and although I thought I understood them, I’ve only just begun to get the point of them.
The Money Jars are not just a method of saving up for what you want. They are a lot more than that.
The Money Jars are a way of training your unconscious mind to bring you more financial wealth.
The Law of Increase states that what we focus on increases, what we concentrate on increases, what we dwell on increases – in our minds, and in our lives.
Many years before The Secret, and before the Law of Attraction became popular, I was using the Law of Increase and teaching it to my students.
The Law of Increase works in the same way as the Law of Attraction. The only difference is that the LOI focuses on thoughts, whereas the LOA focuses on feelings and emotions.
The Financial Freedom Jar is one of the Money Jars, so I’ll use this as an example. With the Financial Freedom Jar (also known as the Permanent Wealth Jar), you put in money every day, and NEVER, EVER take it out. This gives the message to your unconscious mind that money is flowing into your life every day.
The Financial Freedom Jar is a practical demonstration to your unconscious mind. It is a practical action you can take every day to give the message about financial prosperity and abundance to your unconscious mind. And as I am sure you know, your unconscious mind is tremendously powerful.
If you concentrate on debt and lack, what do you think will result from this? This is what is known as “poverty consciousness”. The Money Jars teach your unconscious mind to focus on prosperity, on wealth, and on wealth accumulation.
What do you think will result from your shifting your focus from lack to abundance and financial prosperity?
If you would like help with shifting your focus, see “Eliminate Your Blocks to Receiving Abundance”.
Here’s to your success!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weight Loss and Fitness Apps?

Want to shed a few pounds?  You can now download a wide variety of apps that can help you with the process of losing weight.  

There are calorie counting apps; meal planning apps; workout apps.  

There are even apps that will shame you by getting you to insert your weight, bmi or number of trips taken (or not taken) to the gym - and then tweeting the results to your followers or texting them to your friends.  

But if you are serious about losing weight and getting fitter, you first need to work out why you have these eating habits, and what you need to do to change them.  

What's getting in the way of your positive change?  I can help you figure it out and overcome your difficulties.  For more about this, see: 

Eliminate Your Blocks to Abundance.  

Struggling to lose weight?  Guilt and shame may be part of the problem.  For more about this, see:  How to Overcome Your Inner Objections

Monday, 29 April 2013

Six Reasons Why the LOA Is Not Working for You

I just listened to a great audio on 21 Days to Manifesting Mastery in the current Manifest Everything Now series.  

Dr. Simeon Rodgers talked about: 
  • how to use the LOA to dramatically change the results of your life.
  • the six factors that have sabotaged your manifesting so far and how to overcome each of them.
  • a process to give you ironclad faith in the LOA.
He said he can help you to turn into an expert manifestor even if you have failed before. 
According to Dr. Rodgers, the reason why people have trouble manifesting is that they have been given the wrong information. It's amazing what can happen when you have the right information. 

Some of what he is saying is similar to work we do with EFT around financial issues and financial abundance.  When we feel anxious and stressed about money, bills, business problems, etc., it is much harder to attract what we want.  

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tapping to Clear the Chakras

Further to yesterday's post about chakra healing, I have found this video about using the EFT tapping points to clear the chakras.  

Working with the chakras can be a powerful way of healing the body and manifesting what we want in life.  

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Unblock Your Weak Chakras to Start Living a Life of Abundance and Energy

I listened to this audio recently on Manifest Everything Now.  It was brilliant.  Carol Tuttle was talking about the chakras – the body's energy centers – and what they each represent. 

The false programming is that “I have to give up my identity to help the tribe survive”. Many people have felt that we have to make a choice between doing what is best for oneself as an individual or doing what is best for the group – the society, family, community, etc.

Actually, the opposite is true. We each have our own unique creative gifts. The survival of the collective does not depend on our suppressing our individual uniqueness – on the contrary, in order for the collective to survive and thrive, we each need to express our individual, unique gifts and allow them to flourish. This will benefit everyone.

I really loved hearing this. I already knew this was true, but this was the reassurance I needed. 

A lot of the information on chakras is very esoteric. Carol Tuttle's system is very practical. The purpose of this information is to help you make practical, positive changes in your life.  Working with the energy of money can help you to improve your finances.  But this is about making changes in any are of your life in which you need to see changes happen.  

A lot of what she says about changing the script reminds me of the Millionaire Mind Intensive,  

To read my notes and to access a guided visualization, click here to join The Key to Everything

Friday, 1 March 2013

Wealth Without Limits: Create Unlimited Abundance

I found this call particularly inspiring.  These are my most recent notes from Manifest Everything Now.  

On this call, you will: 
  • Discover the real cause of your stress, emotional pain, financial lack and most relationship issues;
  • Discover why the Law of Attraction and most manifestation techniques actually make things worse.
  • Uncover the number one thing that is sabotaging your results and you will never be stuck or victimized again.
  • Discover why there is actually nothing wrong with you and you can end the struggle of self-improvement forever.
  • Get more clarity about who you are and why you are alive.
  • And receive a quantum healing that will instantly lift you to a new level.
These notes are quite long because he has given us so much information.  They include a Process to Discover Your Soul Purpose.  

To read the notes and have access to this information on how to connect with your highest vision, click here to join The Key to Everything.  


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

U.S. Sickness and Death Rates Outstrip Other Countries

The Healing Codes
According to this blog, U.S. citizens are sicker and have shorter lifespans than citizens of other affluent nations.  

This is true across all socioeconomic groups and all ages, a recent report has shown. 

U.S. rates of sickness and death were compared against those of Canada, Japan, Australia and many Western European countries. 

The causes of this are probably, among other things: 

The poor diet and lack of exercise

In the U.S., medicine is a business.  Patient care and prevention of illness may be being sacrificed in favour of financial considerations.  

The report showed that children and young people are particularly at risk.  

Meanwhile, Alex Loyd, the author of The Healing Codes, has found that Americans are spending more than ever on natural health and healing methods - but not achieving significantly better results.  

He argues that the true causes of illness are not being addressed.  To read more, see The Healing Codes.  

Friday, 25 January 2013

The Formula for Miracles

I have been listening to the Brent Phillips audio from Manifest Everything Now, on The Formula for Miracles.  

To read my notes about Brent Phillips's work, click here to join The Key to Everything community.  

Phillips has been talking about Theta healing, which brings about miraculous results.  They are not really miraculous, but they appear to be from where we are.  Theta healing involves tapping into the energy from a higher dimension (as does Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)).  

We can each use this energy to transform our lives.  And if we work together, we can transform society.  We really can heal the planet.  I am very inspired by Phillips's work, as I have a similar approach in my own work.  

You may also be interested in this recording of Deep Theta music, which can help you to access Theta states of mind.  

Here's to your health!