Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Manifesting Money: The Simplest Way


I've been watching lots of videos by Joseph Alai this week.  He's great.  

Bottom line:  you can have anything you want.  

He explains in detail exactly how he manifests money and other things.  

The universe is brilliant at helping us to manifest.  The experience of manifesting things can be amazing.  

I am brilliant at manifesting.  For more about manifestation, go here to download my FREE ebook Secrets of Manifestation.  

See also:  How Visualization Works.  

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Monday, 22 July 2019

Teen dies in front of 50 classmates after 'being bullied at school'

Yet another horrible, tragic story.  And yet again, it could have been prevented.   

The language we use about ourselves, and to ourselves, can cause a great deal of psychological and emotional damage. And when bullying takes place, hurtful words can be internalised - they become part of us. The results can be devastating and even fatal. 

In NVC, certain types of speech, including blaming, labelling (name-calling), judging and threatening are called "jackal speech". But we can translate the jackals into more helpful, "giraffe speech".  

Bullying in our schools is happening with shocking frequency. But we can put a stop to it.  

NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is about EMPATHY.  

Our children are precious. They are the future. We MUST tackle this problem. And when we have the skills, we can.