Monday, 31 May 2010

Blast Your Financial Limitations - Free Audio

Are there limits on

- what you can earn?

- how many customers you can attract?

- how much wealth you can accumulate?

If so, you need this free audio.

Blast through your limiting beliefs and limited expectations.

These beliefs are often unconscious. But you can uncover them and change them now.

If it "doesn't seem possible" to earn at the level you want to achieve,
click here to download this free audio now.

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Click here for a free belief busting ebook and mini-course to blast your limited money beliefs and transform your results.

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Meridian tapping can improve your results and change your life. It is very easy and simple to learn, so start now.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Are You More Interested in the Problem ...

Are you more interested in the problem or in the solution?

Often, we are so busy dealing with our problems that we forget to build the more positive side of change.

Click here to download my free ebook on Creating Positive Change

Here's to your success!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What Is Your Best Jobsearch Strategy?

The calmer you are, the clearer you are. And the more easily you can think clearly and make the best decisions for you.

You can work out your best strategy for jobs, employment or any other area of your life. Emotional Freedom Technique can support you with this.

Come to the next workshop on Relaxation and Stress Release in London to learn more about how you can tap into your inner wisdom to find answers and come up with creative solutions. Click here for more information and to book.

Click here for online jobsearch resources.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Relaxation and Stress Release

I will be leading several workshops in Relaxation and Stress Release in London during May and June. I hope you will join us.

I am very excited about this new piece of work.

For more info and to book, go to Relaxation Workshops.

One of the main reasons we have trouble manifesting what we want is that we have emotions that block us: fear, anxiety, worry, resentment, anger, depression, sadness. Any or all of these emotions may be at play in stopping or preventing us from attracting money, love and all the good things in life that we deserve.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. The more positive our emotions are, the more easily we attract what we want.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the most effective ways of changing our emotions and thus changing our results.

This workshop will help and support you in relaxing, releasing stress and attracting the best possible life you can.

For more info and to book, go to Relaxation Workshops.

Did you know that you can improve your results with money, employment, relationships, etc. by improving your emotions? That is how the Law of Attraction works. This free audio explains it really well.

To read more about this, see Achieving Fabulous Success.