Monday, 21 February 2011

This Could Be Amazing

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For more info, see: Achieve Fabulous Success.

Here's to your success!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Connecting with Success

Many people struggle with visualization. This article on EFT and Visualizing Success explains that it's not important to get a picture of your success; rather, you should connect with the feelings of success.

Whenever we move toward a goal, we become aware of our mental objections. This is just part of the process. In EFT, these thoughts are called "tail-enders".

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The Tapping World Summit gives you free resources over 7 days. This is a great opportunity to learn EFT, or improve your skills. Click here to book for it.

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Click here to read more about visualization, EFT and other forms of healing.

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Using EFT for Money, Abundance and Success

Click here for a great article on Using EFT for Money, Abundance and Success.

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Here's to your success!

What Holds You Back?

We sometimes sabotage our own efforts.

If you are not achieving your goals in every area of your life, if you are not at the top of your game in your work/career, your financial life, your relationships and your health, you are holding yourself back somewhere.

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Click here to join the free Tapping World Summit now. It starts on Monday, and you will get loads of free resources over 7 days. See also: This Can Really Change Your Life.

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Friday, 11 February 2011

This Can Really Change Your Life

If you have followed my articles or this blog for awhile, you know I am a big fan of EFT.

This can really change your life - and it's free!

EFT can help us to transform health issues, money and financial issues, jobs and employment, and every area of our lives.

If you want to learn more, you will sign up for this free online event.

The Tappng World Summit has 20 free presentations with big names from the EFT/Tapping world

o You're going to learn EXACTLY how to do tapping in
this event. Remember, the pre-event video series was
just a warm up. The best part is still to come! :)

o This is an online event, so there is no need to
book hotels or wait in traffic

o The main event is 100% free to attend. You get
to listen to 2 presentations each day for 10 days
and you have a 24 hour period to listen to the calls.
(You don't have to be there at an exact time.)

o Everything is streamed through the web, so there's
no expensive phone bills!

o The way we're able to keep it free is we offer
an upgrade option for those that want to own the
audio to the presentations, the transcripts, the
workbook for the event, and the great bonuses (like
the full 10 videos in the Video Series) - all at a
very fair price.

Lastly, I want to cover one more topic because of a question
that people have asked numerous times: "What exactly
is EFT or tapping, and how do I start using it?"

So we have answers for this important question today for
people that are new to EFT (don't worry, we have a great
resource for the advanced people today as well).

For more about this, check out my articles:

Achieving Fabulous Success - download free EFT ebooks and audios here.
You Are Magnificent - more about how EFT can help you, and other ways you can manifest your dreams.

As you'll see throughout the event, we cover both basic
and advanced topics so there's great information for everybody
who attends.

If you're new to EFT and tapping, you can find out exactly
what it is and share with you the "Quick Start Guide" for the

You can listen to it when you sign up.

Click here to register for the Tapping World Summit.

Here's some of what you'll learn in the call:

- Exactly how to do tapping (there is even a video
to show you the tapping points)

- What to expect with the Tapping World Summit

- An actual experience with tapping so you can see it work
(you'll tap along with Nick and Jessica on the call on a
couple of issues like physical pain and negative emotions)

- Why you will make drastic improvements in your life by
attending this free online event

On the page, you'll also be able to listen to the other
two pre-event audios with EFT expert Carol Look and the
more advanced audio with Dawson Church (which I highly

So go ahead and listen to the "Quick Start Guide" and
again, just to clarify since so many people have asked
this question, this event is 100% free to attend
online during the 10 days of the event which starts
on February 21st at 8PM EST.

If you want to own the calls and MP3s or have the CDs
of the event, plus the transcripts and the workbook, you
can choose to upgrade to the gold or platinum package,
but it is completely optional.

Plus, it ia rare that any event or product allows you
to sample the entire product before deciding if you
want to own it.

I hope you attend. For now, enjoy the free audios. :)
Click here to regiser for the Tappng World Summit and get your free audios.

Here's to your success!

Monday, 7 February 2011

New NVC Events

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of LifeI really love NVC - it has changed my life.

To read about NVC, and to find out about NVC events in the UK and Europe, go to: Transform Your Life with Nonviolent Communication.

Have a great day!