Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Review of Your Quantum Breakthrough Code

 In Your Quantum Breakthrough Code, the author, Sarah Anne Taylor, shares her method for bringing about profound changes in your life. Taylor shows how, by using a very simple form of energy medicine, or energy healing, for just a few minutes per day, we can begin to bring about positive change.

Through what Taylor calls “decoding” and “coding”, we can get rid of old habits and patterns of thought and emotion, and establish new ones. We can begin this process now, TODAY, in this very moment.

This is basic Law of Attraction (LOA) material, but what makes this book stand out is its practical approach.

Before we can begin to attract the things we want – more money, better relationships, better career prospects, etc. - we first need to start to remove the old mental and emotional habits and patterns that are blocking us.   I explore this more in my ebook Achieving Success.

Taylor's method is very simple and straightforward, although it involves a commitment to getting real. You need to be real about your problems, challenges and the things you want to change. You may have been processing difficult material for a long time before you come to this book. That can mean you may experience some resistance.

You can change any habit or pattern of thought, which means you can begin to change your results, starting NOW.

She also goes into some of the theory behind her work, including what she calls the Seven Breakthrough Forces.

My one, very slight, quibble with this book is Taylor's emphasis on happiness and optimism. Maybe we all need a little bit more of both. However, I think confidence is more important in order to bring about positive change. Confidence in your ability to make changes in yourself and your life. Confidence is vital in order to form a more positive, optimistic view of our future.

Use the coding and decoding method described in this book and you can soon start to feel very confident and in control of your future.

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I recommend this book very highly. For more books I recommend, see:

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