Thursday, 17 July 2014

INTERnational Week for Nonviolence (2)

The INTERnational Week for Nonviolence (16th-23rd August) is a week when we are encouraging people to promote nonviolence. We are approaching faith groups, youth groups, local politicians, anyone who has an interest in or commitment to nonviolence, to take part. This is a very broad brief. 

If you would like to hold an event during that week, please contact us with the details.  

The INTERnational Week for Nonviolence is being spearheaded by Black Women for Positive Change, but it is open to everyone - men and women - regardless of racial or cultural background or heritage, religion, nationality, occupation, walk of life - everyone who is committed to nonviolence.  

I shall be interviewing Buddhists and others about why they are committed to nonviolence. I shall be publishing the interviews on this blog and/or my other blogs, so please subscribe to this blog to keep up to date.  
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The interviews will be published during the Week for Nonviolence.
The Week for Nonviolence will culminate in a summit on 23rd August. Most of the organising is being done in the States, but as I am a member of the Summit Council, I am calling it the INTERnational Week for Nonviolence.
This is one of my recent blogs:
This one contains an interview with Dr. Stephanie Myers, one of the Co-Chairs of the Summit Council, and links to more info about the Week for Nonviolence:  
For more about Nonviolent Communication, see my book Success Strategies for Black People or my new ebook, Affirmations for Parents.  
If you, your faith group, youth group or other organisation are planning to hold an event during the Week for Nonviolence, please share details in the comments section below.  
I hope you will join us in promoting nonviolence.  Please also share this information with your networks.  Together, we can share nonviolent strategies and teach them to our young people. We can transform violent situations and make a difference in people's lives!  So join us!  

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