Monday, 7 July 2014

Do You Worry about This?

Does this worry you?

Does this keep you up at night? Lying in bed, waiting to hear the front door open, so you know he or she is safe?

That feeling of fear gnawing at your gut?

Do you jump every time the phone rings, thinking it might be the police? Or the hospital? Or the morgue?

Do you wonder what your children and young people are getting up to? 

Or if you think you know - can you really be sure?   

Do you worry about what their friends are doing them, and encouraging them to get involved with?

Everyone needs somewhere to belong.

Many young people are joining gangs because they are not getting the support they need at home.

They need to know someone has their back.

We all need that.

If they don't get it from the family, they will find it elsewhere.

Of course, gang membership leads to criminal and violent behaviour.

Girls are sexually exploited and abused.

Knives and guns may be involved.

A young person carrying a weapon, even for self-defence, is most likely to be harmed – by that same weapon.

Many times, the youngster ends up in prison and gains a criminal record. A promising future is over. A young person's potential is wasted. Plus the gang activity continues behind bars.

What can we do to stop the cycle of violence?

Click here for info about the Week for Nonviolence. We MUST educate young people to use nonviolent methods. Help us to spread the word and celebrate nonviolence!

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