Thursday, 9 January 2020

Geniuses of Transformation: Sandy Bidinger

Sandy Bidinger
Have an AMAZING year in 2020!  

Sandy Bidinger has spent the last 13 years dedicating herself to learning and mastering many of the latest techniques in the new thought/consciousness movement 

As you may know, I have used EFT and affirmations for many years.  So I was fascinated when I found out Sandy Bidinger combines the two.

Go here for my interview with Sandy.

Sandy is offering lots of material to help you transform your life, including her FREE MP3 download - "Learn To Ask These 20 Surprisingly Simple & Empowering Questions So You Can Start Co-Creating A Better Future Today", and her FREE ebook, Essential EFT Tapping Tips.

To access them now, go here to download Treasures of the Geniuses of Transformation.

For more about how to use affirmations to focus the power of the universe, download my ebook, The Power of Affirmations, in the UK here or in the U.S.A. here.


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