Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Child Killed by Mother's Partner

Leeds Crown Court
This is such a terrible story.  I HATE stories like this.  And they are all too common.   

A man hit his girlfriend’s three-year-old child so hard that he died from internal injuries 36 hours later, a court has heard.  

This is what we are talking about when we talk about nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  We are talking about life and death. 

There are SO MANY of these stories.    I can only list a tiny fraction here.  

These types of incidents can be PREVENTED.  

NVC is based on EMPATHY.  And when we learn the skills of empathy, we can PREVENT these awful violent situations.   

NVC can be highly effective in reducing, resolving and PREVENTING conflicts. 

There are so many reasons why we need NVC.  Family problems and conflicts can be addressed and, in many cases, resolved using NVC.  For more about this, download Affirmations for Parents.  

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