Thursday, 22 November 2018

Reality Transurfing: Pendulums Explained

I have only recently come across the Reality Transurfing principles and actions.  I love it when I find out something new that can be beneficial for us, and I love sharing it with people who can appreciate it.  

This video on Pendulums makes a lot of sense to me.  Pendulums are energies that come together because different people are thinking the same thoughts at the same time.  The more people buy into a particular pendulum, the stronger it becomes. 

I remember thinking this around the time of the new millennium.  The new millennium started in the year 2001, but most people celebrated it at the beginning of 2000.  This will have greatly influenced the planet and all of us on this planet. 

Add to this, Buddhists do not worship any god, or Jesus, or Christ, or a Saviour, whatever you want to call it.  But we still recognised the year 2000 as the beginning of the new millennium.  That is the influence of the Pendulums, or group mentality. 

What is interesting to me is that he says Pendulums are always negative and destructive.  To me, what he is talking about is what Buddhists call "group mentality".  This means fitting in, going along with the crowd, herd mentality, etc.  Rather than owning your own values with integrity, i.e. being an individual. 

So recognising 2000 as the new millennium is not necessarily destructive, and therefore may be a bad example of a Pendulum.  But it is an example of group mentality and how thoughtforms influence all of us. 

I agree with what he is saying - avoid stimulants and tune in to your intuition.  That is how to be an individual - to be true to your own values with integrity. 

You can also find Pendulums that support your values and your goals.  

I am going to continue to learn more about Reality Transurfing, and I will keep blogging about this. 

Please leave your comments below, and please share this with your networks.  Thanks.

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