Friday, 18 June 2010

Healing Breast Cancer

The Power Is Within YouI was reading Louise Hay's book The Power Is Within You earlier today. She talks about healing cancer.

As you may know, Louise Hay healed herself of cancer. Here's what she says:

Many people only feel safe when they are sick. They are usually the kind that have difficulty saying the word no. The only way they can say no is by saying "I'm too sick to do it". It's a perfect excuse. I remember a woman at one of my workshops who had three cancer operations. She couldn'y say no to anybody... She was Daddy's little girl, so whatever Daddy told her to do, she did. it was impossible for her to say no.... It took four days to get her to literally shriek "No!" at the top of her lungs. I had her do it while shaking her fist. "No! No! No!". Once she got into it, she loved it.

I find that many women with breast cancer can't say no. They nourish everybody except themselves.... Two or three months of saying no to everything will begin to turn things around.

To read more about healing cancer, see The Higher Self.

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