Saturday, 14 February 2009

Change Your Life with Core Programming

Have you been working hard on yourself, using affirmations, visualisations and other methods? Are you feeling fed up and frustrated because you're not achieving the results you want?

In order to bring about positive change at a deep level, we may need to change our core programming - our deepest, most fundamental beliefs, attitudes and assumptions.

Core programming is also known as core conditioning.

To read more about this, see Change Your Life with Core Conditioning.


  1. It is great to see that others are sincere about reprogramming their lives. Understanding the Law of Attraction was incredibly eye opening and the whole world received revelation about it.

    However, it does take practice. Everything is a process. So I say if you are serious about changing your circumstances, than never give up.

    3 of the teachers from The Secret, have developed a new program to help people in renewing their minds. It is a great program.

    THE BEST part is they allow you to sign up for 7 FREE lessons. I encourage everyone to take access. It is FREE knowledge. Just follow the link.

    Thank you for allowing the post.

  2. Zhana,

    I believe in what you are saying. It is clear to me that sometimes we have to make changes that require a lot of work and sometimes uncomfortability as well. However, when we apply the techniques we choose to assist with the process, it always works out if we persevere.


    Melanie Magruder