Monday, 7 October 2019

Manifesting Accurately: Scripting

I love this work.  I am very passionate about manifesting, and helping others to manifest.  Manifesting basically means having what you want.  And you can.  Bottom line:  you can have what you want.   

This blog post lists some of my other posts about manifestation.  See below for more. 

Joseph Alai posts lots of great information about manifestation.  Check out this video.  I like his work, because he talks about how to manifest systematically. 

He's talking about manifesting through scripting, i.e. using affirmations.  Visualization, which he calls "imagining", can add more power to your affirmations, and I can help you to imagine, or visualize, more clearly and more effectively.   

I am brilliant at manifesting, and I am learning a lot from these videos.  For more information, check out the blog posts listed below, and download my ebook, Secrets of Manifestation.  After you read it, you can contact me for a free consultation - my contact details are in the book.  I WILL HELP YOU - that's why I am posting these blog posts - in order to help you.  I am passionate about helping you. 

You can manifest money, relationships, career success - whatever you want.  

Plus go here to read my article, "Guided Visualization:  Your Key to Power". 

I am posting loads more blogs about manifestation, i.e. how to attract what we want.  Some of my recent blogs include:  

How to Visualize for MAXIMUM Results Using the Law of Attraction 


I am posting lots more of these types of blogs.  To keep up with this material, go here to join my online group The Key to Everything.  

Please share this with your networks, and please leave your comments below.  Thanks. 

Please share this with your networks and please leave your comments below. Thanks.

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