Thursday, 17 October 2019

Allowing Something to Flourish – Supporting Nonviolent Social Action!

Extinction Rebellion Demo in London
In this post, NVC Certified Trainer Ceri Buckmaster explores her involvement in applying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to social movements, and particularly to Extinction Rebellion.  

Extinction Rebellion were unique in that they approached NVC with a request for training and support in nonviolence and de-escalation.  Ceri talks about her own experience of involvement in organising and leading these trainings, sharing NVC skills with several hundred people. 

Go here to read this post by Ceri Buckmaster on using NVC with Extinction Rebellion.  Many thanks to Ceri and to NVC-UK.  

You can help make a difference.  Go here for more from the Blogging Carnival for Nonviolence 2019.

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See also:  A Day in the Life of an Extinction Rebellion Protester.  

Ceri Buckmaster runs workshops and supports people and organisations in conflict through mediation and setting up systems to deal with conflict long term. 

Her sharing of NVC rests on the 4 pillars of:
  • Building a culture of Consent,
  • Raising awareness of power and privilege,
  • Finding ways of embracing and transforming conflict and,
  • Holding space for grief and mourning.
She also supports people to create more robust relationships based on transparency, openness, and mutual care. All of her work promotes self-care, care for the other, and care for ‘us’ and our environment.    

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