Monday, 24 August 2020

Review of The Angel Experiment

One thing I really enjoyed about The Angel Experiment was that it came with 21 free audio downloads - one for each day.  In other words, pay for a book, get a 21-day course.      


After the usual info about angels, and a description of her first real-life encounter with angels, the author, Corin Grillo, gives us 21 ways to connect with different angels and Archangels, as well as some of the higher orders, including Cherbim and Seraphim.  

Grillo's writing is clear and accessible.  The free audios include a short invocation and short  guided meditation for each day.  Each chapter gives a way to address a specific area of life with angelic guidance.  Topics include, among others,
  • Releasing Worry, 
  • Releasing Grief, 
  • Harmony, 
  • Courage, and 
  • Playfulness. 
If you don't want to download the audios, the text for each is printed in the relevant chapter.  Each chapter also includes "downloads" - affirmations to help you change your life.  We are encouraged to take notes in a journal about our experiences at the end of each chapter, and to review these notes once the 21 days are completed.  So it really is like a course.  

One thing that did not work for me was Grillo's repeated use of terms like "God/Creator/Source".  Being a Buddhist, I do not believe in a "God/Creator/Source". The author states early on in the book that she is not religious - so why use religious terms?  However, if you relate to these terms, you may enjoy this. 
Another slightly strange note is when Grillo, towards the end of the book, asks the question, "based on your findings ... are angels real?".  Having asked and answered this question, sharing her experiences, at the beginning of the book, it seemed out of place and unnecessary to ask it again.  

I doubt whether someone who is convinced that angels don't exist will be interested in this book.  But if you want to strengthen, and gain clarity about, your connection with angels, I heartily recommend The Angel Experiment.  


Saturday, 8 August 2020

The Lions' Gate - Huge Shift TODAY, 8/8


These powerful healing energies are available to us for the next few days, so even if you miss the live channelling, you can still tap into the energies.  

I have only recently found out about the Lions' Gate.  I know very little about it, but it can provide a huge shift of energy.  Apparently, the Lions' Gate portal is open NOW.  Anything that can give us more power is something I am interested in, and I want to share this with you.  This film includes a channeled message from Archangel Metatron. 

PLEASE NOTE:  I am not making any profit from this.  I am sharing it because it is a point of power from which you may be able to benefit.  

Apparently, the Lions' Gate was known to the ancient Egyptians/Kemetians.  See also:   The 8-8 Lions Gate Portal Activation for a bit more background information.  

See also:  Aug 8th Huge Shift!  3 Things You NEED to Know About The Lions Gateway!!

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