Friday, 13 March 2020

What Exactly Is the "Delay" Phase?

Coronovirus in the UK
Here in the UK, we have now entered what is called the "Delay" phase of dealing with the coronavirus (covid 19).  We now have 798 confirmed cases

What exactly does this mean?

From today, people in the UK who have even mild cold or flu-like symptoms are advised to self-isolate.  This contradicts advice we were givenup until yesterday, that we do not need to be tested unless we have recently returned from the coronavirus hotspots, which include China, South Korea, Iran and Italy (sorry if I have missed out any).

Advice can be obtained from NHS 111, although they reportedly have been giving out the wrong advice.

Containment is extremely unlikely to work on its own, which is why we have moved to the "delay" phase.  If we can delay the spread of the virus, this pandemic may become more manageable in the summer months.  (But is this what has happened in Australia?  If you have information about this, please comment below.) 

Your body has its own natural healing process.  To help protect against the coronovirus, and to enhance any other healing you need, go here to download my Violet Flame Healing Meditation.  Please note, I am NOT qualified to give any medical advice.

Go here for advice on how the "delay" phase may affect us.

Go here for how washing up liquid may help prevent the spread of coronovirus.  

Basically, we are being told to wash our hands - you already knew that, right?  Some employees should work from home, and some public gatherings, such as sporting events which draw large crowds, have been cancelled, and others may be cancelled.  This is being referred to as "social restriction" and "social distancing".  Schools are not being closed at this point.  The advice is still somewhat vague.  

Please share this with anyone who can benefit from it and please leave your comments below.  

I wish you all the best.

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