Friday, 20 March 2020

Self-Isolation and the Loneliness Epidemic

Self-Isolation and Loneliness

I was sent this link by a friend.  Robin Rice has done a great deal of work around loneliness.  Unfortunately, I was not aware of her work until now.

Loneliness is a a killer, as Seal once said.  It threatens our mental and physical health. 

In Self-Isolation and the Loneliness Epidemic, Robin Rice explores the effects of loneliness on our health, and makes some very practical suggestions about what we can do to allay it.

In the wake of the coronavirus, many more of us will be experiencing loneliness and isolation.  These have been a big part of my life for a long time.  I used to be able to jump on a bus and go shopping, visit a museum, or see friends at the Buddhist Centre.  I could avoid confronting my loneliness.  Then, in 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer.  Suddenly, everything changed.  The cancer is gone now, thank goodness.  But my life has changed significantly.

In London, where I live, or in any big city, it can be difficult to connect with others, and to maintain those connections. 

Now, with the coronavirus, things have changed again.  I have trouble getting to the shops, even with the help of my lovely care workers.  And when I can, it's hard to find even basic foodstuffs, like bread and butter.  Plus, we are now being advised to stay indoors.  So loneliness is becoming harder for me to avoid. 

Since about a week ago, when I started taking self-isolation seriously, my friends have really come through for me, dropping by with things I need, like cat food and chocolate brownies (brownies are essential in the current crisis).

I strongly recommend you read this article:  Self-Isolation and the Loneliness Epidemic.

Plus check out my blog post:  How to look after our Mental Health during the Coronavirus Crisis.

And for holistic healing, go here to download my Violet Flame Healing process.

One way we can look after our own mental health is by helping and supporting others.  

Keep well.  I wish you all the best.

Please share this with your networks and please comment below.  If you have more suggestions about how we can look after ourselves, and each other, through this crisis, please comment below.  Thanks.

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