Thursday, 1 June 2017

Review of Feel Free to Prosper

I did Marilyn Jennett's “Feel Free to Prosper” programme a few years ago. The programme aims to help you receive unexpected income within two weeks and, certainly in my experience, it worked.

The book gives a very full, clear and detailed explanation of the Law of Attraction, how it works and how we can apply it to improve our experience of money and finances. This is the theoretical basis of the “Feel Free to Prosper” programme.

For more about the Law of Attraction and its practical applications, see my blog post How to Use Affirmations to Build Your Business, and download my ebook Secrets of Manifestation.

If you are new to the LOA or if you have been using it for years, you can probably learn something from Feel Free to Prosper, and/or gain inspiration from it.

One thing I particularly enjoyed about the book was what Jennett calls the Law of Satisfaction, which she says is more powerful than the LOA. I taught this method to my students for many years, although I didn't call it the Law of Satisfaction – perhaps something like the Law of Appreciation works better for me.

Simply put, the Law of Satisfaction (or Appreciation) means that when we focus on what we have already attracted, or manifested, this makes us more able to attract what we want. This is because we become more aware of our ability to manifest. This is powerful stuff.

PLUS – the book contains the first bit of the “Feel Free to Prosper” programme.

I recommend Feel Free to Prosper. Please also share this book with your networks, especially anyone you know who needs to improve their finances. 

What is your experience of using the Law of Attraction? Please leave your answers below.