Thursday, 30 January 2020

Self-Love and Radical Forgiveness

If you have read my ebook Achieving Success, you know that I shared my 3-Step Success formula, and that overcoming the blocks that stop us from attracting what we want was an important part of the 3-Step Success Formula.

Often, overcoming our blocks involves forgiveness - letting go of our anger and resentment about the past.  Anger and resentment create negative energy which, over time, can block us from attracting money, relationships, opportunities - all the good things we want.  

I have recently found out about Ho'Opono Pono, which is a radical form of forgiveness, i.e., letting go of the past.  The film above is one of the three I am listening to regularly - I listen to at least one every day.

This film is so beautiful, peaceful and powerful.

Forgiving yourself, forgiving
  • your judgments about yourself 
  • your blaming 
  • your body 
  • your judgments about your body 
  • decisions you have made 
  • things that did not turn out as you had planned or expected.  

Forgiveness is an important part of manifestation.  The more we can let go of negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes about ourselves, and about the past, the more easily we can attract what we want.

For a long time, I was resistant to thoughts of forgiveness, and I still have some resistance.  But now, I am beginning to understand how crucial forgiveness is to the manifestation process.

I urge you to listen to this process every day for the next 21 days.

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